Where’s Kelly

Well, in brief I am back on the prowl for the jobbity job. In the meantime I have been trying to get my online presence all sussed out, which means buffing up the site with my name on it, where I wear my big girl pants (like grownup pants, not like, big sized pants, remember last summer I did this thing where…oh nevermind). So in the meantime I am working all the angles I can find and trying to determine what exactly I want to do with my days.

Short term that means TONS of phone calls, time on the elliptical trainer my mom gave me (THANK YOU!!), and squeezing a rewatch of Torchwood in the margins. Then I’ll start in on Season Six of Dr Who, and in the meantime you can always catch me shooting my mouth off on Twitter if you prefer me in small measured doses.

When I have more to update here, I promise it will happen. (: