What I’m doing with 2011

I have decided.

Lots of people have the “oh THIS year will be the year I…” resolutions, the one that just keeps coming back over and over. This year I am changing that for myself.

I gave it some thought and for 2011 I’m doing something different. This is The Year I Will Make It Happen!

Here’s an example:

My friend Aaron [ref]Who has been my friend longer than I’ve had my last name, does this sort of thing all the time.[/ref] has a passion for photography. He also has the opinion that good info should be shared. So he is doing that himself, with a new site for people like me who are all enthusiasm and no skill (yet). It’s pretty awesome, go check it out. No really, I’ll wait.

Oh good, you’re back! See? I told you it was awesome! So here’s the deal: Aaron kicked off this site with a TWELVE HOUR livestream of Aaron talking photography. To someone like me who’s still not quite up on the technical pieces of what makes photography go, it was AWESOME to get to check out. He didn’t just ramble, there was a schedule and stuff. Yeah, go look at that schedule. Aaron had me on as a guest! I said I would help him with his site, so I showed up on his stream and talked about stuff (sometimes while he ate dinner) I actually did know about, and I asked questions to set up some answers I knew people would want from him. Then I went home and signed up for the site. (It’s $3.95 a month.) If my four dollars can help Aaron quit his day job and go be a photographer all the livelong day [ref]See what I did there? It’s from a song about trains! This is rather clever if you know Aaron.[/ref], then I am thrilled to pieces to do my part.

This is what I mean, I helped my friend Make It Happen. And if you know someone who needs a good Financial Analyst, a Customer Support/Service Manager, or a Project Manager, I know at least one of each of those people and I want to help hook them up too. I am going to do what I can to Make It Happen for people in my life, whatever It may be.

Yeah, this is something I probably should be doing anyway, and I do make an effort to do what I can when the opportunity presents itself. What’s different here is that I am going to actively seek out these opportunities. It has become apparent to me that anything I can do to increase the amount of helpfulness and general goodwill in the world is pretty sorely needed.

So that’s my resolution for 2011. I pretty much only have one, and that’s it. I kind of hope it becomes contagious.

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