Updates in the Bananaverse

Recently I went flipping back through some of my posts, and I enjoyed the hell out of reading them. I guess that’s a good sign, right? That I like reading stuff I wrote? A few times I had to remind myself that I was the author, so I’ll take that as a very good sign. I’m trying to do more content production and less sitting around complaining that I don’t have the time. We’ll see how long that lasts. I feel like I can really get good at this whole “words on a screen” thing if I just worked at it more.

I already mentioned that I’ve made appearances on two different podcasts lately, and I loved it. This could be a really fun thing for me. I mean, gee, talking to people, who knew I’d like that!? (:

This has been bugging me for awhile, so I gotta get it out of my system: I think the weird thing for me at Macworld was trying to reconcile the voice in my brain (Kelly, you’re a dork on an intergalactic scale) with the voice of the person in front of me giving me a true compliment. When someone looks me in the eye and tells me I’m smart or funny or a great podcast host or whatever it is, that really means something to me, it’s hard to describe because sometimes it’s hard to hear them over the voice in my head reminding me of my intergalactic dorkdom. I am trying to be better about accepting these compliments because all those people were being sincere, it was me being embarrassed that was screwing it up. I hope I wasn’t too weird to people who were going out of their way to be nice to me.

Also, I signed up long ago for this 31 Days To A Better Blog program and I am really gonna try to whip the Bananaverse into shape. I did it for my waist, I can certainly do it for my website. You’ll certainly get updates about that here too.

I’m going to put this up and call it a night. I hope if you are a regular reader (hi both of you!) you aren’t overwhelmed by two posts in two days. Get used to more from here, it’s high time I started taking this seriously. Here goes! (:

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