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Happy Moment Of Happiness

Friday had two notable lovely moments. Here they are. (I did have two separate posts but it didn’t make sense to have two about one thing, so now they are together. Enjoy.)

On Twitter, Liz Grover asked if anyone downtown could give her a ride to Beer and Blog. I told her I could, about 3ish if that worked, and she said that would be awesome. We finalized details and I met her and we drove off to the Green Dragon. We had a nice conversation on the way there and when we go there she reached in her pocket and handed me a small Buddha which I think is carved from stone. It is maybe the size of my thumb and she just handed it to me and said she really appreciated the ride. I was touched. I wondered for a moment about a world where things like this happen more and what a nice place that would be at any time of year. Even now on Monday I still can’t get over it. Out of nowhere! It was wonderful to get a token of appreciation like that, and it now has a permanent home in a particular pocket of my purse with my TARDIS key. Somehow to me that seems oddly appropriate.

Ever spend time with a little kid? I’m talking about 5 to about 9 years old, they know what they are telling you and aren’t beat down by society yet.

Well I know one such small person. She’s almost 7 and her mom and I are good friends. Friday night I was at Beer And Blog as I do, and as it happened, ma and pa were going to come and bring her with them.

She was very excited to see me, and I was happy too, because she’s always entertaining. So we sat down at a table in a restaurant full of people and got to talking as she was drawing a beautiful beach scene on the table (it’s cool, the tables are all chalkboard painted and artwork is encouraged). She said she was glad to get to show up and I asked if it was because she got to see a bunch of people she knew or if it was french fries (the ones at the Green Dragon are REALLY good). She pointed at me. I asked her if she meant everybody and she shook her head and pointed at me again. Just to be sure I asked her if she was SURE it wasn’t the fries, because I’ve had them and they are really really good, and she shook her head a third time and held out her hand, little finger up, in the customary Pinky Swear Position. So we pinky swore that she was happy to see me and me alone, everybody else was bonus. Then we colored some more on the table.

That was a great way to kick off the weekend. And I didn’t even tell you about Strange Love Live! There is a TON of positive energy around, you just gotta know where to look.