O Bacon! My Bacon!

I hope this doesn’t come as a shock to anyone, but I’m not vegan. I’m not a vegetarian either. And this is because I adore a good steak, but also, Bacon. SERIOUSLY.

And since I not only know the guys behind Bacn.com but as it happens I named their launch party, I feel it only fair to up my greasy salty devotion a notch or two.

From their site: Write a short blog post about this contest linking to bacn.com and leave a link to your site in our comments (so we don’t miss it).

And since I love bacon and this is the good stuff, I’m going to write haiku:

Delicious Bacon
Middle finger to “health food”
I will have seconds.

Bacon is the key
Unlocks inner meat eater
Please pass steak tartare.

Met a child who said:
I wanted to be veggie,
But Bacon…Smart girl!

So there’s three haiku in the name of Bacon. Enjoy.

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