In which Verso has a Lunch (2.0) date.


Earlier today I happened to be reading my friend Rick Turoczy’s blog and imagine my surprise when he offered to buy me lunch! Well having had a good experience last time I had lunch with Rick I figured I would be foolish to pass up his offer. So off I went to CubeSpace and imagine my surprise when I saw a number of people there whom I recognized! Turns out Rick had extended his invite to a number of others as well, but somehow I had mistakenly read it as just for me.

Anyway! Portland geek fave Nicholas brought a TON of food for us to eat, and we had a great time. Plus Shizzow was there handing out beta codes like Ritalin to 6th graders. it was a REALLY good time. Some of the more memorable moments:

* My excitement at not having to make my nametag sticker look pretty since I brought my own LED nametag which scrolls my Twitter nick, my online alias, and my real first name.
* Compliments on my LED nametag.
* Discussing purses with Audrey (@spinnerin) and having one of my Tweeps introduce himself as my mouth was FULL and we were talking purses.
* Miss Cami Kaos getting my attention and begging me to follow her to sit and eat lunch, to which I replied “but we’re talking Star Wars!” She said “oh ok” and told me to come her direction when I was done.
* Explaining Twin Ion Engine (TIE) Fighters and talking Star Wars with some folks who wanted to know.
* Actually sitting with Cami Kaos and her husband and getting to eat lunch.
* Looking down at my plate and feeling my sunglasses slide off the top of my head, then watching them SPLAT into my hummus.
* Letting Mister Cami take a photo of my glasses while they were still upright in the hummus.
* Sitting in awe of Mommy Cami as she immediately pulled two hand wipes and a package of kleenex out of her purse to help me resolve my hummus/shades issues.
* Watching TheInfovore scroll “Banana Lee Fishbones” across his iPhone as he held it to his chest as though it were a nametag.
* Hearing Cami say “But you’re not Verso!” and TheInfovore say “But I wanna be!”
* Getting a hug from the man behind the event, my friend Rick.

So that was my lunch with the Silicon Florist. It was a really good time. Maybe next time you should join us. (: I’m sure Rick will talk ALL about it on his blog so you have lots of time to plan in advance.