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A long time ago I took a picture. It was something I thought was cute and fun and super creative. My friend Mike and I were out and about on Photo Safari and we went to Beaverton Mall. They had an empty area (Last time I was there it was Claire’s, for the locals) that was full of Lego creations. It was glorious. There were even local things in there, like KOIN Tower and Oregon Convention Center. Then I took a photo of a Stargate made of Lego, made by the Greater Portland Lego Railroad Association.

You’ll notice I didn’t link to them.

This makes me sad. I want to link back, believe me I do, but I can’t. You can Google them if you really want to track them down. I know I am not the finest example of regularly updating sites, but their site goes directly to a news page last updated in August 2008. I have also tried to email them a few times to let them know about this photo and how well it’s done for them, but I never get a reply. I wish if nothing else they’d get back to me and tell me to take the photo down, or tell me thanks for leaving it up for people to see, or tell me to please quit stalking them, they got my mail and that was plenty, thanks, but I get nothing. I’m disappointed I have no mechanism for sharing this awesome bit of info with them. Maybe someday someone will see this who knows someone over at GPLR and they’ll point it out and someone at GPLR will get back to me. I sure hope so.

In the meantime, I’ll just smile every time I get another email from Flickr.