Dr Who Liveblog: S07E00 – The Doctor, The Widow, And The Wardrobe, by Steven Moffat

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the Christmas Special episode of Season Seven (or Thirty-Three depending who you ask), called The Doctor, The Widow, And The Wardrobe. BBC Page

Well hello there spaceship.
Oh my. What’s going on?
Oh the Doctor is mucking about. I’m shocked.
He kinda needs to GTFO, if I’m not mistaken.
Where’s the TARDIS? How is he hurtling through space and not imploding or what have you?
Who’s she?
That’s quite the crater!
Heh. Was that red box actually the TARDIS? Hee!
“I got dressed in a hurry.” Heh.
“He’s always making up things and breathing.” Ha!
A police telephone box? Heh.
Oh I like Cyril. (:
“A lot of things get in the way, it’s hardly my fault.”
Watching him bumble about with a backwards helmet is kinda funny.
“Make a wish, that usually works.” (:
Wait. That’s a real phone box. Bugger.
Three years later? Holy crap!
He’s gone. Awww.
Is this her wish?
She didn’t tell them? Oh man.
What what?
Why are we at the church?
Oh, bombing. Aww.
I guess removing doors is one way to get in…
“May I take your cases? Lovely. Would you mind carrying them for me?” Hahaha
“usually called the Doctor. Or the caretaker. Or get off this planet, though, strictly speaking, that’s probably isn’t a name.”
Sitting room, pointless? Heh.
“I know.” Ha!
Lemonade? Nice!
I am really overwhelmed by this room.
Beds? Heh.
Hammocks? NICE!
Can I have the Doctor come redecorate my house?
Did he just say “Sciencey-Wiencey”?
I love the picture over the fireplace.
Faulty hammocks? Ha!
How hard for her.
It’s SO weird how he has such insight into people like this but relationships confound him.
I didn’t say it wasn’t fun to watch, it’s just weird.
Oh I do like that tree. I wonder if we could get ours to do that…
Why is the gift whispering and weirdly lit? Is it The One Ring? (:
I remember not being able to wait till morning for Christmas. It was wonderful.
Why do I keep hearing the sonic?
MAN they are not good at tiptoe!
“You were lying about the panthers.” “Famous last words…”
“Why would you re-wire a wardrobe?” “Have you SEEN the way I dress!?”
I like her. Her puffy robe thing not so much, but she’s neato.
Holy wow! That’s some present!
I wonder if that kid really has to wear such thick glasses. I tried mine after eye surgery and I thought I was gonna hurl.
That’s quite the special effect, the box hanging in space.
Uh oh! Whatever just happened it’s not good.
Why can’t Cyril leave it be? Same reason I wouldn’t be able to.
“The old bear and duvet, eh?” (:
“In a forest. In a box. In a sitting room. Pay attention.”
We never opened our Christmas presents early. We got one on Christmas Eve, the rest on Christmas Day.
“Fairyland, oh grow up Lily! Fairyland looks completely different.”
What’s up trees?
Oh great, now here comes Mum.
A…a lighthouse? In the middle of the forest?
Poor naive nerdy Cyril. That’s totally what I would do. Even now. Just walk on in and see what’s up.
That’s the thing from the tree ornament?
…and it blinks? AHH!
“There are sentences I should just keep away from.” Understatement much?
Private Property? What the what!?
Are they part of the security for the family that runs the Library whose name escapes me?
(Which reminds me, I should watch that again now after seeing all the River stuff I know now.)
Natural fabric? Like the Sonic and how it doesn’t do wood?
Uh oh!
Why does the wood lady with the crown seem like bad news too?
They could be great allies but they look like bad guys to me.
“There’s no crying in military engagements!” I thought we’d get there.
I’m really enjoying the troops now. Mother issues? Bad visual? Hee!
Holy crap! She was armed! And hardcore!
Oh Doctor, it doesn’t do wood, DUH!
I’m pretty sure whatever happens when the wood lady crowns you, it is bad if it happens to Cyril.
So wood man grew and just hung out till…
I’m lost.
God help her children?
Melted down?
Acid rain!? Oh noes!
Do the wood people know they are going to get melted down?
How does Cyril fit in to this?
Oh, they need a link?
Crap! They are going to leave her there!?
Now she’s stuck on the platform and has to run it all by herself? She totally will.
His coming was foretold?
He’s weak? Hardly.
Wait. She is it?
How is she strong but the Doctor is weak?
Will it hurt the building?
Where is she?
She can hear them but can’t go to them? Oh no!
Oh would you look at that.
In this case she is well off to crash into it!
Oh, not to tip over! No no no!
Is Mum the relay?
Oh look she is.
I get the feeling this will be really bad for her…
Now I think he’s a bit offended. (:
What the what!?
“Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan.”
That looks like…
Oh yes! It IS the Time Vortex!
Till it hurts. Aww.
“Your Mummy is flying an entire forest through the Time Vortex, be a little impressed!”
Oh…now the video has gone all fuzzy.
She has to tell them. Oh. Please tell them and be done.
Those poor kids.
No stars? But…
She drove the plane home too!?
That’s two places where it got all fuzzy.
“Happy crying. Humany-wumany.” (:
“How do I look the right way round?” “Funnier.”
I like that she’s bossing him.
I like to think that Cyril and Madge are Amy’s grandparents or something. (:
So he did show up. Aww.
OK who’s going to cave? On three?
I know he feels weird about it, but…
is he crying?
He IS! Awwww.
I wish he’d go see Donna. Just to check up. Or at least Grampy Wilf, he’d remember the Doctor. I’d like that.