Dr Who Liveblog: S06E13 – The Wedding of River Song, by Steven Moffat

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the thirteenth episode of Season Six (or Thirty-Two depending who you ask), called The Wedding of River Song. BBC Page

Reminder bits. Oh my.
This is all over the season.
“The Silence” refresher.
THIS is 2011? Oh my.
Are they all here like this because the Doctor’s out of whack?
War of the Roses!?
Charles Dickens!
Holy Roman Emperor Winston Churchill? Personal mammoth?
Hey it’s the doctor!
Soothsayer? Is it Rory?
All of history at once? THERE we go.
Oh it isn’t Rory! Oh my. More shaggy Doctor.
Yeah, what DID happen to time?
“A woman.” Oh isn’t it always? (:
What a weird mishmash of the season so far.
Hey it’s the Doctor in his hat?
Dalek? What the WHAT!?
Docks of Calisto B? Ok…
Gideon Vandaleur?
Knitting for Girls? Hee!
Former Envoy of The Silence? He has the eye thing!
Oh he’s not really him!
A little people bot guy thing!
What IS their weakest link, eh?
Live Chess? WOW. I love it.
I think that was Billie Trix just there.
That guy has an eye thing too. Does he work for them?
He does!
Four million volts? Damn.
This is pretty serious Chess.
I think we’d all like to know why he has to die.
Dorium Maldovar?
If the Doctor concedes how does he trust this guy to take him to a dead man?
Rats? Ew.
Did he say the SKULLS eat the rats?
Oh crap he did. Oh crap.
Is Dorium the blue guy?
Oh he is! Hooray!
Oh and now it’s on with the Doctor? Yikes!
That was terrifying. I’ll have nightmares about that I think.
Oh yeah, I got all wrapped up and forgot he was talking to Winston.
“Hell in high heels.” I aspire to be described that way. I guess I should wear high heels more.
Wi-Fi still, huh? Down there it’s excellent!?
“They want me dead.” “Not really, they just don’t want you to remain alive.”
I’m getting a powerful Jambi vibe from Dorium here. Will he grant the Doctor a wish? (:
“On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked, a question that must never EVER be answered.”
What IS this question? Yeah I wanna know, but with an audience, I’d probably think twice. Plain sight, huh?
Ha! A head for a companion.
Oh we don’t get to hear the question. Hrm.
Oh ho. We come to it at last.
He seems weirdly shaggy this time. In Utah he was more pleasantly unkempt.
Soothsayer? How did they end up there? Where are they going?
If the Doctor knows because Dorium told him, don’t they both have to go?
Why does he have his revolver? Running?
HE HAS A MARK! Oh crap.
Terrible weight? Hee!
I like that he says “Utah” as if it’s a bad word. Because it is.
“Tell him we’re going out, tell him it’s all on me except the money and the driving!” Hehehe!
“I could go on all Jack’s stag parties in one night!” Hahahahahaha
Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart? Like, “The Brig” Brigadier?
Ohhhh, so the mini people deliver his messages? Ah ha.
I still don’t get them and their backpacks, but ok.
“If it’s time to go, remember what you’re leaving.”
I wish we’d gotten a Sarah Jane mention.
“River Song came twice.” He knows it was her right?
Isn’t it bad for River to be on the blanket if she came out of the lake?
Oh it’s her now! Not the little girl.
Oh NOES! This is so sad!
It must be really hard for her to stand there in the suit, knowing what should happen.
This sucks. Poor River. I liked her, then I hated her, now I am so sad for her.
Completely forgiven? That’s big.
When does he tell her his name though so she can whisper it in the Library?
Fixed points can be rewritten!? No they can’t!
Wait, they can?
Nothing happened? Oh, that’s why they’re stuck now…
I never noticed he has a denty head like me.
“A record!? Good Lord man, have you never heard of downloads?” “Said Winston Churchill.”
Gunsmoke? Uh oh.
“In small numbers they’re not too difficult.”
Oh crap.
WTF? Who are they?
With an eye thing?
Stun gun?
Cute TARDIS on the table.
Nice flashbacks to all the stuff.
So she is the right Amy? She does remember?
Oh I like the new getup.
“Special Agent Boss Lady”. I love that title too!
OK, hugging and missing now… (:
Disintegrating? How does he know.
What? She has no idea? Oh Amy.
What IS wrong with you, Doctor?
He’s the problem with time?
Oh that IS cool.
Area 52? Heh.
So Billie Trix is wearing one because she’s some sort of Silence thing?
I think it’s the suits the Silence wear that freak me out.
“We’re in he’s on his way.” What the whaty what?
Mister Hottie Nurse? Texting and Sonces? That’d be all right. (:
She has an eye thing too?
The End Of Time? We’ve heard that before.
“I know what happens if we touch.” What happens?
Time moves?
Is it better now?
“Why do you always have handcuffs!?” Heh
Seems selfish, she’d rather keep him and let time end.
Figure it out Mister Hottie Nurse!!!
Oh crap. OH CRAP!
They’ve been waiting? For him!? Now what?
Did River and Amy know? How did they set this trap and get all of them?
Oh no! The eye things!
What about her?
Oh it’s hers too. Tell me she gets hers.
Does she know he’s The Last Centurion? Oh Amy. FIGURE IT OUT!
Come on Rory! You can do this!
Rory is a benevolent badass.
They know him?
She will never come back for him? OH CRAP!
STILL, does she know yet?
Go Amy!
Come on Amy. Leave her there. You can do it.
Don’t let her talk you into this. There’s a time for decency and this isn’t it.
Oh yes. GOOD!
Maybe she knows.
Here we are at the top of the pyramid.
Timey-wimey Distress Beacon. Heh.
She sent a message everywhere? Hey Jack! C’mere! (:
“The Doctor is dying. Please, please help.”
He’s embarrassed? Oh stop it Doctor.
I hope someone answers.
A million million voices? Oh yay!
“You’ve decided that the Universe is better off without you. But the Universe doesn’t agree.”
I am glad she is insistent he knows he is loved.
But really River? Really?
She would unmake existence for the love of him? I saw this on Lost and I didn’t like it then either.
He needs…what?
I consent and gladly give? Are they getting married?
They are!
What is he saying?
IT IS HIS NAME! I knew it!
Wait. Doesn’t this make Amy his mother-in-law? Tee hee!
Oh noes.
That’s…..sad and wonderful and…oh I don’t know what.
Oh good, normal UK again.

tick tock goes the clock
He gave all he could give her
tick tock goes the clock
now prison waits for River…

Where is she? How did she get there?
Oh hey!
Byzantium? NICE!
Now they’re comparing timelines and that’s wonderful and sad.
What DID he whisper in her ear? WHAT?
And of course we don’t get to hear it. GAH!
She just figured it out herself, Mother Doctor in-law.
Oh for the love of Pete.
More questions, more AHHH!
So that’s the question? “Doctor Who?” Hm.

Well! This was rather a fun one. I did like the call outs to other pieces of the past, that was nice. Always with the big twist, this one. How does it work with time if it wasn’t actually him though? Was it because other people believing it made it true? I’m still back at having Jack show up. That woulda been nice. I kinda wanna see him mack on the new younger model. (: