Doctor Who Liveblog: S06E10 – The Girl Who Waited, by Tom MacRae

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the tenth episode of Season Six (or Thirty-Two depending who you ask), called The Girl Who Waited. BBC Page

Planet of coffeeshops?
Sunsets, spires, soaring silver colonnades…heh.
Magnifying glass?
Of course she pushed a different button.
Hello roboty thing…
Why are they in different places and whatnot? I don’t get it?
A week!? Uh oh. It’s one of those episodes.
I don’t like the “rescuing” episodes.
Oh come on! We’re four minutes in, there’s no way it’s that easy, Rory!
But he made it back to the Doctor? Weird.
Statement rejected!?
Two Streams Facility? What good is that?
Ohhh, their whole life? Wow. That seems nice, I’m with the Doctor on that, much nicer than not.
“Their kindness will kill you.” Heh.
Nice toolbox. Clearly it’s time for something… (:
Glasses are cool. (:
Oh those should have been 3-D. (:
“Dunno. Never tried. Best hold on to something.” Heh.
Weird guide light from the sky.
That video guide is a weird lady. But hey, Roller Coaster Zone, all right.
Uh oh. A shot? I’m with Amy, no thanks!
A kindness!? Oh hell to the no.
…and it just gets worse! Run Amy!
Why can’t they see her in the cage thing?
Their favorite things are kind of odd.
A gate?
Amy just walked into Alice in Wonderland!
Knee-jerk reaction to the Whoniverse: Statues are to be avoided in case one is a Weeping Angel.
Ahh! Those bot things are creepy dropping in like that.
Nice work Amy!
Hello Temporal Engines!
That’s so many time streams. Wow.
She waited!? Oh crap.
They didn’t save her? But she’s…
Decade FOUR!?
“I don’t care that you got old. I care that we didn’t get to grow old together.” Awww.
She named the robot Rory?
She’s got quite a system worked out.
I have a hard time believing that even with 36 years she’s be like this.
“Anything beats a fez, eh?” (:
Oh Rory, dont’ walk through it.
“Woman with a sword, don’t push it!”
Wait what? No!?
How could she refuse?
(I have a lot of gaps because I keep getting absorbed and not commenting.)
Oh Rory. I hope you can fix this.
“What about Rory?” Oh. Please make this work, our Amy.
That’s so sweet. Do it for Rory.
I rather like the idea that he’s the one who gets rescued.
“…if you’re bloody-minded, contradictory, and completely unpredictable.” Oh hey, me too.
“Two Amys, can that work?” “It’s your marriage.”
What? Jettison the karaoke bar? NO! (:
“Blue into red, green into the blue, leave the red loose and on no account touch anything yellow.”
“It’s not rocket science, it’s just quantum physics!”
The Macarena?
It broke! What happened?
Both of them! Huzzah! Now let’s go!
Ack! Come on Doctor, talk nice to her and get the TARDIS back on track. (:
How about if we get back to the TARDIS before we worry about who lives where?
Don’t get coy now! Hehe
Uh oh. I think we’re going to lose +36 Amy.
And now we’re losing the other Amy anyway. Rats.
Is she gonna make it?
This is terrible. Poor Rory.
Good point, Rory. Awww.
!!! “If you love me don’t open that door!”
“I’m giving you my days.” Oh man.
I backed up and watched that twice, and something’s wrong with my video. It’s all blurry there.
Earth? Aww.

Ack! That’s all I get for an ending?
Somehow I find that VERY unsatisfactory for an ending. It was a really good episode, but I didn’t like that as an end. Seemed a bit abrupt.