Doctor Who Liveblog: S06E06 – The Almost People, by Matthew Graham

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the sixth episode of Season Six (or Thirty-Two depending who you ask), called The Almost People. BBC Page

(Catch up)
Creepy Doctor double is the last scene…
“Would you like a Jelly Baby?” HA!
We’ve moved on?
That was weird and not very illuminating.
What is that noise?
Can’t get through the door, so eliminate the door. Good idea.
I’m a bit confused by the conversation the Doctor just had with the Doctor Ganger.
An escape route? OK then!
Whatever just came over Jennifer is weird. Stop what? Why did she suddenly walk off with such purpose?
Is that the acid? That’s bad innit?
Headaches, eh? This could be bad.
I’m still really confused by Jen, why is she SO anti now?
“You might as well call me Smith!” Heh.
Why wouldn’t she feel more affection for the original Doctor?
Wipe them out? Oh that is bad. Another stupid human trait that is going to screw everything up.
I wonder why it doesn’t recognize her. If it’s so exact a copy why doesn’t it work?
Hoper of hopes and dreamer of improbable things? I like it.
A time memory like a mirage? How does Amy have one of those?
Why is it only in one Doctor’s head?
I wonder if Amy feels better now that she “told” the Doctor.
It is so sad that this is the way it works for the Flesh.
And now nobody trusts the Doctor Ganger.
So now Rory has to pick? Um.
They are gonna throw down? Which one will win?
Are we sure the acid wouldn’t do that to any old body? I’m not convinced the Ganger is the one that died.
Why send the Doctor Ganger? I’m curious.
Break out the big guns? Heh.
Yup! He’s with the Ganger. It wouldn’t work for Jen because she isn’t human.
How DOES she know? Is it the Flesh? Is that why he can tell?
I get that they are the same person, but how did she know the code word? They aren’t really the same person now that they have split, right?
Oh here we go. Jen wants Rory to trust her. I have a bad feeling about this.
Why knock him out? What’s the deal with THAT?
Why the eyes?
That is CREEPY.
What are they actually doing? Why are they in a wall?
She can grow? Oh yikes.
Sky high, you say? This sounds…unfortunate.
Why would Jen help them? She led them into a trap or something.
“Call me Smith” he says again. Heh.
Roranicus Pondanicus? Hee!
Poor Rory, having to throw down with the Doctor. Ring ring?
“In fact if you have a better pan I’ll take you to a planet where everyone’s all ears.” Ha!
Oh now we’re just being cruel I think. Why is he running away?
An act of humanity? Oh that’s nice.
I’m still bothered by the way the Doctor Ganger treated Rory.
At least the Doctor Ganger has a point. “It doesn’t have to be about revenge, it can be so much better than that.”
Oh noes!
Oh now he’s gonna die. And he didn’t get to talk to his son on his birthday. ):
I’m glad his Ganger turned out to be a stand up guy too. That’s nice.
Both of them turned out to be better people than either of their races would have had them be.
What a cute moment with the little boy. (:
Oh crap! That’s right terrifying.
He’s gonna end up on the wrong side of the door I bet. And he’ll be gone too.
So the ganger saved the human Miranda.
They traded shoes and now
“Push Amy, but only when she tells you to.” What? The eyepiece lady? What?
Handed off his sonic ust like that eh?
It will dissolve all of them? Oh no!
That seemed a bit…weird. A little to convenient I think, that they all just vanished and that was that.
So the Doctor went to peek in on him? I guess that’s nice.
I wonder what “Morpeth Jetsan” is an anagrom of.
“Remember, people are good, in their bones, truly good, don’t hate them.” I am going to try very hard to remember that.
Why should she breathe? Why does breathing hurt her like that?
How is she having contractions?
“Shenanigans. That’s a beautiful word, shenanigans.” He’s right!
Why block the signal to her? What’s going on!?
He rarely lays down the law like that, I’d do it Rory.
Find her? Where is she going?
She hasn’t been here for a long time?
My mind is blended.
Oh holy crap.
Now with the….
and the…
Oh seriously.

I think these two could have been one episode honestly. I do enjoy a good mind bender, but all this with the Flesh seems to have gone on longer than it needed to. But I am a bit curious how this is all going to go down long term. When was Amy switched? Where has the real Amy been all this time? What’s with the green light? Why the Eyepiece Lady? I like being full of questions, but even more I like that I’m not having to wait a week (or through the midseason break) to find out how this all wraps up. (: