Dr. Pepper Cake

I have been known to occasionally host The Unofficial Apple Weblog Talkcast, and with that comes the Aftershow, jokingly/lovingly referred to as TUAWTF. It is never recorded and gets a bit random. One night somehow the conversation warranted a mention of Dr Pepper cake, so I mentioned it. Nobody knew what I was talking about, so I outlined the recipe. One of the regulars who I feel compelled to point out, NEVER BAKED ANYTHING EVER before, managed this recipe not only with success, but with yummy success. Here is the recipe:

Dr Pepper Cake:
1. Put chocolate cake mix in a bowl.
2. Add a 12oz can of Dr Pepper.
3. Mix well and bake according to box.
4. NOM!

(It fits in a tweet too, if that’s your thing.)

Here are some of the resulting noms:
First EVER after I gave out the recipe, via iAndrew:

Then he hacked the recipe with Cherry Coke and made Red Velvet cupcakes:

Since it was discussed as part of the #InstagramCooking tag, there’s a set of photos of the whole process that were posted by a friend of mine who (now) answers to Deluxe Moist. You can view the whole set, but here’s my favorite photo, where it begins:

So that is the history of the Dr Pepper Cake.