Doctor Who Liveblog: S05E04 – The Time of Angels, by Steven Moffat

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the fourth episode of Season Five (or Thirty-One depending who you ask), called The Time of Angels. BBC Page

Nice lawn.
Oooh! Smoochy smoochy!
Dude, in a tux in the park? With a security detail?
How can he tell it’s hallucinogenic lipstick by looking?
Rowr! Beautiful shoes, darling!
It looks like her sonic screwdriver has a trigger. (:
“final resting place of the Headless Monks” now what’s THAT story like?
Heh. How he keeps score.
I liked all the “wrong!” going on.
A home box? Hrm.
High Gallifreyan? Oh my.
There were days these words could burn stars, and raise up empires, and topple gods? Wow!
Hello Sweetie? Hee!
She’s winking at the camera?
That’s River Song, innit? It IS River Song!
Pretty good looking video for TWELVE THOUSAND YEARS OLD! I’ve got VHS doesn’t look that nice.
Who’s Alistair, anyway?
Where can I get a watch with coordinates on it like that?
I must admit, she’s pretty nervy to attempt that exit.
Wait, why don’t I recall that she can fly the TARDIS?
Blue Boringers? Hee!
It’s not supposed to make that noise? Oh my! I like that noise too.
I like when he does that too. (:
She got lessons from the best? So who was that? Was she teasing or not?
“Time is not the boss of me!” Heh!
You did promise her a planet, Doctor.
Oh my. Crashy ship. You sure she’s not dragging you Doctor?
She tried to warn them? Sabotage?
She seems a bit obnoxious now. I don’t like this River very much at the moment.
Can you sonic me?
Where do I get a diary like River’s diary? It’s beautiful.
I do like that this vexes him. He’s always good with a problem.
Bishop Second Class!? Clerics?
How was she helping with a covert investigation if she was TWELVE THOUSAND YEARS AGO a minute ago?
Yeah I think the weeping angels are REALLY scary. Blink was a way creepy episode.
Nice move, Moffat: Yes. You’re right…I am definitely Mister Grumpy Face today.
Father Octavian? “The Church has moved on.” Yikes.
Yeah these are creepy. I like that conversation, nice introduction.
“I’ll never get done saving you.” He’s definitely pleased about it. (:
Heh. “Anybody need me?”
Oh goody, Amy looked at it.
It’s moving. I am super freaked out by these things.
“So you don’t know who I am yet.”
She needs the spotter’s guide? Is there one for him? I bet there is. That would rule.
She turned off the Angel video and it didn’t help? YIKES!
That which holds the image of an angel becomes itself an angel. eek!
Wink at it Amy! One eye at a time!
Oh man it keeps coming.
Oh good at least she figured out the winking.
She can’t turn it off? AHHH!
I do like that she wants to know.
“The eyes are not the windows of the soul they are the doors. Beware what may enter there.” Yikes.
Hory Clap she did it!
“River, hug Amy.” “Why?” “Because I’m busy.” Heh.
Oh noes! What is in her eye? Something about looking the angel in the eye I bet.
Grav globe?
Maze of the Dead?
“No, yours is fine.” Heh.
Who and what you are? Who and what is she?
Prison!? What the crap?
Ahh! All that sand? What did the angel do to her!?
A labryinth with people buried in the walls? Jebus!
I like River better when she isn’t trying to be impressive.
Lava snakes? Yikes to that too!
Oh, flashlight going out. That won’t end well.
Ew, that was a crunchy noise. Ick.
Bob is a sacred name? Huh.
They’re two headed? The statues have one head. Why?
How am I ahead of the Doctor? Hory Clap!
That means all of them are…oh crap.
Don’t you dare go look scared sacred Bob!
ew. again.
How is Bob talking if they got him?
Oh they got him. Oh crap.
It got him and now it’s headed their way. Oh bugger.
I feel a bit bad for the Bishop just there.
Amy can’t run?
Stone hand? WTF?
Can she really just concentrate and move her hand?
“Have you got space teeth?” “Alive, all I’m saying!” Very nice.
Angel Bob!
“The angels will be with you shortly.” How English.
Gimme your gun? That’s not very Doctorly…
I hope they jumped.
Maybe he’s right about the trap. I certainly hope so.

Well I need to know how this turns out. I’m glad I don’t have to wait a week! I don’t know how fun this is, but I definitely need to know what happens when they jump. I am actually freaked out by the angels, I’m glad this is a two parter. Mostly I just want to go back and watch Blink to see what I’m forgetting!