Doctor Who Liveblog: S06E02 – Day of the Moon, by Steven Moffat

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the second episode of Season Six (or Thirty-Two depending who you ask), called Day of the Moon. BBC Page

Three months later?
Empty body bag?
Oh crap.
I kinda like the shaggedy Doctor.
What IS with the marks?
Where’s River? Where/s Rory?
Oh there’s River.
New York? But why? And where?
That explains the marks.
Why did Canton turn on them?
What ARE those bricks made of?
I don’t understand. Rory too?
This is so sad!
Rory spent ALL that time sitting with Amy just to go out like a punk?
Oh that was swift. VERY nice!
She ended up in the swimming pool!? Wow. That was rather clever.
They aren’t covered in marks anymore.
Neil Armstrong’s foot!? Oh come now.
Graystark Hall Orphanage.
What’s with his bowtie?
Oh geez! There’s one here!
Oh there’s not. Eek.
Get out?
He’s been writing notes to himself.
Leave me alone? Maybe not…
How did he manage to get IN the rocket?
This is creepy indeed.
And now she’s blinking.
Who wrote on the wall?
Why are her marks coming back?
I am so not sleeping well tonight.
“I sent him a message.” Hey look there he is!
River and Rory all retro’d up are HILARIOUS.
Rory. Hee!
Uh oh.
“The child must be cared for.” So she IS there. Or was, anyway.
Who’s that?
Nice eyepiece thing.
That was weird.
Amy haven’t you learned yet NOT to go into a room? ANY room in this place?
That must be the girl, but who is she? Is she River?
What? It’s Amy?
Why is the little girl in the spacesuit?
Help her how?
Yeah, this is messed up. Those things are creepy!
Really? Straight up shot was all it took?
Record everything in the Oval Office? Hee!
Can they help Amy?
Where’s Amy if that’s her recorder?
Why is the girl out of the suit?
Where is Amy?
It’s a live recording?
We’re sorting that out now eh?
But if they are silence, and silence will fall, doesn’t that mean they are over?
Certainly earning that “tricky Dick” nickname, innit he?
Why are they scaring her though?
They are “The Silence”? Hrm.
Why DID she leave the suit though?
We decided to go because they needed a spacesuit? BUT WHY? Still nobody has told me why.
Poor Jefferson.
These guys are almost as creepy as the weeping angels.
Nice work Canton!
If the spaceman was coming to eat her, how did it get her and then how did she leave?
So where IS Amy?
She did try to tell you.
Confident. Heh.
OK I kind of like this Doctor and River. They’re fun to watch.
What’s all that about?
Oh my.
That actually WAS rather clever Doctor.
“How fast can you run?”
Oh noes. This is that thing that exploded the woman in the restroom.
See? It WAS Rory. All along.
She’s kind of a badass. I like her a LOT.
She’s quite a sassy broad. I like that.
Safe!? Ha!
So who is Mrs Canton to be? Now I’m curious.
“Say hi to David Frost for me.” LOL!
Oh, she’s black. That’s why.
HE is.
Oh my. Woohoo!
That was their first kiss? Sorta. Aww.
So his first kiss is her last? Aww.
What’s with her being pregnant or not?
She told the Doctor but not Rory? Yikes.
A time head? Hehehe!
Yeah who is that little girl?
OMG! My brain is working overtime…wacky theory incoming!
What if it IS River? Could Amy be River’s mum?
New York six months later…
How can…but…I just…

I’m sticking with that theory. River said she killed the greatest man she’d ever known.