Doctor Who Liveblog: S05E09 – Cold Blood, by Chris Chibnall

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the ninth episode of Season Five (or Thirty-One depending who you ask), called Cold Blood. BBC Page

Part two!
So we’re reviewing what happened. Wave at future us, Amy in the hole, we got an alien, it says one of them will kill her, Amy gets a shot, Doctor says “nobody dies today.”
“This is the story of our planet Earth…It is the story of our past and it must never be forgotten.” Interesting.
I do like Nasreen. She’s got a bit of Donna’s attitude, how this is all interesting and such.
Oh, the warriors are awake? This could be bad…
Too early in the episode for them to actually harm Amy.
“You never picked a lizard man’s pocket?” Heh.
Elliott! Oh noes!
Weapons? Oh good. He and Ambrose really are a matched pair aren’t they?
Maybe Rory should remind Ambrose that someone he loves is down the hole as well.
What’s with decontamination? Why is it bad for the Doctor?
Oh, all the germs, oh that’s how it works? Yikes!
“Got any celery?” Hee!
“There’s always a military isn’t there?” I wish he was wrong.
“I don’t negotiate with apes.” HE’S NOT AN APE!
I bet the point is that humanity is like these creatures; some are kind and lovely and some are awful and set in their ways.
“Door at the end.” “You sure?” “Nope!” That’d be me. I’m going for it but I have no idea if it’s right.
Oh good, Ambrose is about to get another reason to hate them. Wonderful.
Interesting. So they were here when the Earth and the Moon lined up? Wow, that was long ago.
Oh yay, Ambrose and the taser. This will end well.
Yup. There it is.
“I thought sooner or later she’d break.” Oh after two minutes? Please.
I like Malakay, or however you spell it.
“I didn’t know it would go like that Dad.” HOW THE HELL ELSE DOES IT END WHEN YOU BLOODY BUGGERY TASE SOMEONE???
Speak Rory!
Oh goody. Ambrose shot her mouth off. Annnd all of humanity is brought down by a horrible woman.
STOP! Who was that?
O hai elderly fellow!
“We’re not monsters and neither are they.” I hope so.
Nice little message. “Gotta dash!” Heh.
“Who has more fun than us?” Hee!
There are fixed points in time where things must stay the way they are…this is NOT one! Cool!
What is it she wants him to do? Sounds…shady.
“I never meant to harm your child.” Oh I rather love him too.
I do like that the Doctor apologized to Elliott.
What’s Malakay up to?
Oh what’s Tony Mack up to?
“What benefit does humanity get?” What does it matter? Fair is fair, innit?
I do hope his “first session” is correct.
Oh no no no. Don’t end him!
Dammit. I need to stop liking characters, they always get the axe.
Oh look, speaking of “so much less than the best”…
This is what she did? Started the drill and this is how it works? This is awful.
In a chamber, impossible odds, how can this possibly work? Oh wait. The Doctor.
Squeaky bum time indeed.
Eldane? Is that his name?
I am sad that he has to do this. Kill his own people.
A thousand years. Oh I hope this works Doctor.
I like that idea. The planet is to be shared.
What about Tony Mac?
Awww. I hope Tony Mac makes it. Maybe Nasreen will stay with him! She could stay down there and do awesome stuff!
Poor Eldane. I hope he’s right too.
Nasreen is staying!? AWESOME!
“Come and look for us.” I hope he does. I’d like that very much.
Another crack! And another flashback?
It’s the same crack. Again.
I love that he has a hanky for it.
Rory! Again? NO!
He’s right, they were on the hill, how’s that work?
I’m sorry? Oh noes.
It’s taking him away? Oh yikes.
This time it’s true, huh? That’s not fair!
Can she hold on to him or not? Uh oh.
Make him the best of humanity in a way you couldn’t be.
Too bad the ones I liked best are all gone now.
Oh no! It’s her and…just her.
That was awful. I’m actually going to miss Rory. Quite a lot. I hope she does too.

I liked this story because it was a bit of what I particularly like about Star Trek: An alien race reflecting humanity back at itself. For those in other countries, when you watch this episode and you feel a bit sad and embarrassed for humanity, and you know in your heart that it could have gone SO much better than it actually did, this is a little bit of what it has felt like to be American for the last decade.