Doctor Who Liveblog S05E07 – Amy’s Choice

Title: Doctor Who S05E07 – Amy’s Choice by Simon Nye

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the seventh episode of Season Five (or Thirty-One depending who you ask), called Amy’s Choice. BBC Page

Cute little house.
Hi Amy!
Hi the rest of Amy! Goodness.
I do like that Rory rings the bell for the geese.
False alarm. Heh.
Rory that’s a terrible haircut.
Five years later and you haven’t changed a bit apart from aging. (:
He really CAN be thick. Almost as thick as Amy!
Is it snowing? Sun was out a moment ago…
Out cold? What in the world?
I like that Amy and the Doctor both checked for the ponytail. (:
Oooh, I like a tricky one! As a spectator, anyway.
Oh yes, kicking things will help.
Threw the manual in a supernova? Nice!
Cross. That’s definitely a phrase I need to adopt.
I’d be freaked out by a dead time machine too.
If it’s snowing why aren’t they wearing proper coats?
Knitting. Nice! She is an odd one though.
Dream lord?
He dares mock the bowtie?
So he’s a hologram or something? Whoa! How IS he doing that?
Gooseberry? Hee!
Why is he making Amy choose?
Amy hasn’t chosen at all, that’s clear.
Tawdry quirks? What makes them tawdry?
Mocking the Doctor? Why?
Two worlds and pick which one is real. OK. Hrm.
Where are all the old folks from the old folks home?
That’s quite the sweater.
Oh Amy caught that too. Heh.
Ha! “You die, stupid, that’s why it’s called reality!”
It was a trick? Nice one Amy! I liked watching him try to play catcher though.
Is no one going to mention the elephant in the room? Heh.
This is a tricky one. I say the TARDIS is real. But I am fully guessing.
Of course Rory wants the regular life.
“Why would we give up all this? Why would anyone?” Excellent question.
Another good question, why is the Dream Lord picking on him?
The children are all sand?
Here Rory goes again “oh yay for a tranquil life” oh please.
So what’s with the elderly?
Elizabeth the First? Sarah Jane was a redhead too. Hrm.
Ick! Smack in the mud!
An eye? EW!
Why ARE they hiding?
So they are turning people into sand? Yikes!
Chubs? Oh he’ll pay for that.
I can’t blame him for having a hard time hitting an old lady, but she did just try to kill him…
Why is he staggering about?
Oh noes!
Oh here comes the dream lord. Lovely.
This is bad! If sleeping in a freezer is a good idea, YIKES!
They have to agree which is the dream? Ok. Pick the RIGHT one, not the one you want, RORY!
Sofas can read?
Competing? DUH!!
Nice ponchos. (:
I like that he’s apologizing for each of the steps.
Poor Rory. I know this is the world he wants but I think he’s wrong.
All he can do is wait. That’s sad.
Boy they’re a chipper bunch.
Why did the light make them swallow their eyeballs?
I like that he’s picking people up. Not going down without a fight in either world.
WOW he’s a creep.
And a jerk besides.
Look at that van go!
Why doesn’t he just run a few over? Wouldn’t it help?
Scissors? What??
OMG he cut it off! Awww.
You do have a history of-being very lovely…
Oh that was sad. Poor Amy.
She never told him she loved him? Sad.
At least Mickey the Idiot had a bit of charm. I dunno about Rory. I only care about him because Amy does.
OK, so…what now? Who IS he? Why did he do this? And he’s just going to leave?
Was it something I said? Can you tell me what it was so I can use it in emergencies and maybe birthdays? (:
Blow up the TARDIS? What?
This is a dream too? What?
You know who he is? TELL US WHO!!!
And it worked?
He made up that bit about the pollen didn’t he?
No he didn’t, oh that’s sad too.
A question is about to occur to Rory?
NOW can she say it?
Of course I’m distracted by his vest…
Oh that was clever.

This was a pretty good episode I think. I wish we’d had the big reveal sooner though, I would have liked to have known it earlier on to see how he dealt with it. I did enjoy the “Rory’s version” vs “Doctor’s version” of Amy. Enlightening.