Doctor Who Liveblog S05E06 – Vampires of Venice by Toby Whithouse

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the sixth episode of Season Five (or Thirty-One depending who you ask), called Vampires of Venice. BBC Page

Picture it…Venice, 1580… (:
This lady has a school? Whatever she has, I don’t like her.
I like the boatbuilder.
Who is that creepy guy in the weird cap and beard? Is he from the first ep this season? The one with the dog?
Goodbye now? That’s sad.
YIKES! Nasty sharp pointy teeth!
Oh boy a drunk dial! Kinda sweet though.
Um. Wait, what? What? WTF? OMGWTFBBQ!
How has he spent SO long as the intergalactic champion of the human race and yet still hasn’t figured out ANY of the basics?
So he scooped Rory up and hauled him off to the TARDIS!?
“It’s either this or tokens.” Huh?
Ha ha ha! “I like when someone says ‘it’s bigger on the inside’, I look forward to it.”
I kind of like that Rory was over it.
Listening to him I hear bits of the last doctor still. I like that.
You owe Casanova a chicken? I certainly hope we get to hear THAT bet.
How do they see out of those veils? They look rather thick. And why do they need them?
AHH! The girls have those teeth too? WTF?
Calvieri school huh?
Are they turning the girls into vampires? Do they sparkle? Dear Gord I hope not.
Hydrating? That’s just water though. Huh.
His brothers? So she really is his Mum? Hrm.
Did she miss him though? I don’t know that she did. Well. Why would she? She wasn’t going to be gone for any time at all right?
I do like that Amy would just charge off into an alley to find out what happened. That’s probably what I would do.
Nice diversion, Mister Boatbuilder! I do like you.
“Hello handsome.” Heh.
Hee! His psychic paper is the first Doctor’s library card. Lulz. I haz them.
Tell me the whole plan! One day that’ll work. (more lulz)
“This is how they go.” Who?
Oh for corn’s sake Rory, that’s all you’ve got?
Carlo is his name. I’m totally looking him up later.
He likes her? EW EW EW EW!!!!
Uncle Doctor. Hee!
They come at night? Mostly? (;
She’s got marks on her neck.
Snazzy shirt, Boatman!
Nosy Amy is nosy. What is that noise?
Psychic paper? She knows!? Who IS this woman?
I dunno I sort of like Rory and the Doctor together.
Yikes, what are they doing to Amy?
“You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you’re around.” He’s right, but I think Amy was like this before.
So it’s a blood transfusion? Hrm.
Ten thousand husbands in the water? Hrm.
Did she just kick that lady in the junk?
AHHH! Worse than in the junk!
Oh Isabella, please run too!
Oh noes! AHH! Now he’s been tazed?
He’s not dead.
I am heartbroken for the boatman.
“Those lost to the silence?” What’s the silence?
Seems extra cruel to kill a Venetian by drowning them.
Sister of the Water? He figured it out!
“We ran from the Silence” Seems like it should be capitalized now.
There were cracks!? Oh here we go.
“We can build a new society here as others have.” Have they? Does she mean humans or other alien races?
“I will tear down the house of Calvieri stone by stone.” Oh yes yes yes.
“You didn’t know Isabella’s name.” Oh hurrah. It’s on now!
I didn’t know the screwdriver could heal stuff. Wow!
Watching him think is kinda fun.
He is right about that being a bit “ew.”
I knew he was gonna say that…. hahahaha
Fish from space. Hee!
Oh I like him. But I’m sad for him.
Hory clap that was a lot of gunpowder.
HOW is she doing that!?
What is the son up to? Is he going after Amy?
She’s really going to stare down the Doctor and talk smack about him?
And she just…leaves?
And here we go. Your mum? Now it’s on.
Good luck with that Rory.
Come on Amy clock him with a candle holder! Or something!
Nice work Miss Pond!
Numpty? Looking that up later.
Oooh, at least there were smoochies. (:
Pouring rain as Carlo escapes with the nicer table settings.
Hit it with a stick. Heh.
How did nobody notice the bell tower full of weird cables and whatnot?
Yes, scaling wet marbile, that’s a treat. And totally safe.
Nice little switch.
O hai sunshine!
She’s killing herself?
Just not THIS city, Rosanna and you would have been FINE.

“There were cracks. Through some we saw silence and the end of all things.”


I liked this one. Nice work!