Doctor Who Liveblog: S05E03 Victory of the Daleks, by Mark Gatiss

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the third episode of Season Five (or Thirty-One depending who you ask), called Victory of the Daleks. From the TARDIS Index File: The Doctor and Amy are called to London during World War II by an old friend of the Doctor: Winston Churchill.

We’re in a bunker, ok…
Reg’s squadron? Is that our human interest here?
WOW! Look at Mister Churchill!
Secret weapon?
Smiling about it?
(I wonder if they ever sold a little pewter Dalek like that. I’d SO buy one.)
Oh my. That’s some welcome, innit?
This might be fun…
“Changed your face again…” Heh.
Type 40 TARDIS? What are the other 39 types like? Are there two more types? (:
Are we showing that Winston cares about everyone?
I like him waving off the cigar smoke. (:
Oh noes. This is gonna be bad.
Ironside project? Oh crap.
What’s up with Bracewell? He’s brainwashed or something?
Wait, he just lasered those up? Oh noes!
Oh good, the Doctor agrees with me, this was never human technology.
Hang on a tick…That Dalek just “looked” the Doctor in the eye and didn’t know him?
“To win the war…” Which war? This is bad.
Bracewell invented them? What’s his deal?
(I totally want one of those Dalek “To Victory” posters.)
What DOES Amy know about the Daleks?
Oh right, they DID show up awhile back…
Ooh, calling her Amelia and it didn’t work…
I understand Winston’s resolve, but come ON! He’s the Doctor!
“If Hitler invaded Hell I would give a favorable reference to the Devil.” Brilliant sentence.
When I look at a Dalek objectively, I know it’s a plunger and some scrap metal and a few lights, but all put together I still feel my neck hair stand up.
Hypersonic flight? Gravity bubbles? Cool!
He’s right, whatever they promised you it’s not enough.
Wow, I’m still being impressed by Doctor XI.
Review testimony?
What testimony? Oh crap.
Of course there were more.
Progenitor? Oh that sounds bad.
And two Marines down. Yikes.
Bracewell is a robot?
They just beamed away? Oh noes.
I have to admit that’s pretty impressive as a plan, to show up and get his attention that way.
Phase Two?
I wish he’d told her she was a lot safer under the London Blitz than up against Daleks.
KBO? I like it.
I don’t know why but there’s something sad to me about the gray haired fellow in uniform.
TARDIS self-destruct? It looks like a…what are they called? Jammie Dodger? A cookie with jam in it.
One ship survived?
OK, I remember a Dalek opening up and there’s a little alien creature inside. How does this progenitor build the little guy and the armor at the same time?
Oh crap, what are they doing?
Oh noes, there he is again. Maybe it’s that in my mind he has grandkids or something.
Ten minutes? Yikes!
What have we got Amy? A gift? Bracewell?
Stalemate? Ah. Extinction is not an option? DO IT DOCTOR!
DNA reconstruction is complete?
New Daleks? They’re white now? That seems…hard to keep clean.
Blue? Yellow? Orange? Red? WTF? Fashion colors? I don’t know what I think of this…
Mighty Morphin Dalek Rangers? Where’s the pink one?
Jolly good use Bracewell is at the moment.
“I don’t give a damn if you’re a machine, Bracewell, are you a man?” Nice work Winston!
Amy is always wearing a nail polishi that’s a bit odd. Cool.
Watch Winston get the chills over a missile. Boys.
Inferior? Oh noes!
…and there they go.
Seems a bit odd, though, the “inferior” ones bred the new ones, they should keep them round I’d think. They’re pretty good at serving tea. (:
I’ve never seen anyone threaten with a jammy dodger before. Nice work. Sweet’art.
“It’s a jammy dodger but I was promised tea!”
Projectiles? Oooh!
You go Danny Boy!
Yeah, I was wishing for an “allon-sy!” from Danny Boy or one of the other pilots.
Oh come on Danny Boy!
“Good show, Doctor!” Hee!
YAY! It worked!! With Mister Moffat at the helm, you never know who comes out on top.
Hey, my buddy Sergeant Granddad!
Bracewell is a bomb!? Oh noes!
“…there isn’t a bone in your body…” Are you sure? One of them opened up before, right?
Destroy the Daleks or save the Earth? Hmmm…
Tell Amy to defuse him! Stay there and throw down! Amy can do it, right? RIGHT?
WHOA! He just like, popped open like a breadbox!
Prove you’re human? Talk about the girl you loved. Y’know, or guy, we don’t judge on Doctor Who. (:
Oh Doctor, that’s not working. Try love!
There you go! Amy nailed it.
Kind of a good hurt…
Dorabella is a lovely name indeed.
Damn. Now they’re gonna get away, aren’t they? I guess they have to, they made more episodes didn’t they? (;
Damn damn damn.
But the Daleks didn’t win all time, did they?
I wish the Doctor had complimented Winston on his bowtie. (:
Oh noes, her young man? Why are we talking about this? Is it important later?
Interesting idea, winning the war in 24 hours. I guess he has a point about not helping though.
Oh noes, turning off Bracewell. I haz a sad.
“You’re gonna be…SO deactivated.” heh.
Urgent thing. Oh Bracewell, PAY ATTENTION!
Oh Dorabella. What a lovely name.
What she forgot? Ohhh, that she didn’t know the Daleks. Hrm.
Is there a crack in that wall?
Oh look! A crack!

Overall: I like this one, it’s a nice episode. Aside from the fashion colors on the Daleks. I like stories where they muck about in the margins of history.