Doctor Who Liveblog: S05E01 – The Eleventh Hour

I am liveblogging each episode of Doctor Who as I watch it. This is more or less a raw stream of consciousness list of things I am considering and wondering about as I watch. (Sometimes I add links later for reference, but otherwise it’s all exactly what I typed at the time.) In the interest of not spoiling anything for anyone I am putting all of it behind the jump.

This episode is the first episode of Season Five (or Thirty-One depending who you ask), called The Eleventh Hour. From the site: The Doctor has regenerated but is thrown into danger before he’s able to recover. With the TARDIS wrecked and the sonic screwdriver destroyed the new Doctor has just twenty minutes to save the world… but he has a young woman called Amy Pond to help him.

Oh, the earth, that looks promising.
Oh look, London, I’m shocked.
My goodness, he certainly looks like he’s in for it eh?
OK, the close call over Big Ben was kind of a cheap shot.
I sort of like the lightning tunnel intro.
Oooh! New font, a bit serify and all slabs. VERY nice!
I like the new logo too.
Hello typical garden and house.
What an adorable little girl.
Crack in the wall, eh? Interesting.
She put praying on hold, hee! It was to Santa, but still.
Oh noes. Poor TARDIS!
Nice music cue there for the new Doctor’s grand entrance.
“I’m still cooking.” heh.
Nice little hop up there. I might like him.
“If you’re a doctor, why does your box say police?” Nothing gets by her!
“New mouth, new rules.” Hee!
“You’re Scottish, fry something.”
Wait what? He ate bacon and thinks she’s trying to poison him!? Maybe I don’t like the new one after all…
How did he break something with bread and butter? Maybe that’s why he didn’t like it.
Fish fingers and custard? How was there custard in a box? Is this normal in the UK?
No mum and dad? Awww.
Helluva scary crack in your wall…
Cute little apple she gave him…
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey. Nice callback…
A split in the skin of the world? Ooooh.
Prisoner Zero has escaped.
Oh Doctor I hope this works.
The corner of his eye? uh oh.
“How can a box have engines?” I kinda like her.
Awww. “Am I people?” hehe
I hope it’s only five minutes, I want those two to have adventures!
Oh now she’s packing. He won’t be back in five minutes.
Wait that door is open it wasn’t before. Uh oh.
Can Amelia even see that door?
Oh no she’s waiting for him. My heart is breaking for her.
Well he’s back, anyway.
Who cracked him on the head? Mysterious aunt?
Now we’re at hospital?
What’s going on?
Oh they aren’t calling her, they’re calling “doctor” which is something else again.
Oh no. She’s Amelia. I know it.
Conversation? Rory?
Pictures on his phone?
Why won’t she uncuff him?
If she’s the police how does she not have a key?
A face nobody listens to? Hehe. I have one too, Doctor.
Oh this won’t end well.
Ew. His screwdriver is covered in goop. Ick.
He said get out. GO!
What’s the bad alien done to you?
“It’s an inter dimensional multiform from outer space, they’re all terrified of wood.” hahaha
A kissogram? Oh my.
It’s a guy and a dog?
And the guy is barking. Not bad, actually barking.
I had no idea needly teeth were as freaky as they are now.
“Safe apart from…you know, incineration.”
Twelve years late!
Ohhhhhhh no. I think they mean “the human residents” of EARTH, not just the house.
That eyeball is a little weird too.
“Also crimes.” I like him still.
A nurse? Oh no…hahahaha
“I dabble!” lol!
“You were a little girl five minutes ago!” I might forgive the bacon thing…
“I’m the Doctor I’m worse than EVERYBODY’S Aunt!” OK I like him more…
Twenty Minutes?
I KNEW IT! All of Earth!
Snowflakes with eyeballs? This is WAY weirding me out.
What is wrong with him? Too soon for what?
Hey that’s the guy from the hospital! Rory right?
Why would she delay him?
Oh there’s the apple.
Oh noes.
“Believe me for twenty minutes.”
I’m glad he kept the Chucks. Nice callback.
Nice! I have GOT to get me a Sonic Screwdriver.
Oh noes!!!! No more screwdriver!? Yikes!
That needly teeth thing is still creeping me out.
Come on Rory, get with it! Stop being hung up on who he is.
“Blimey, get a girlfriend, Jeff!” Liking him better all the time.
Oooh, bossy Doctor. “Two diagrams AND a joke!” I forgive the bacon thing now.
Oh my. Look at Amy go in that Mini!
“Patrick, behave.” hee!
He came back to tell him to delete his internet history? OK I like him. I don’t know what bebo or whatever it is is, but I want to know now!
He’s driving a firetruck. Does everyone who drives a firetruck make that face? I like to think so. I bet it’s awesome.
It is official needly teeth are SCARY!
Not this time, eh?
“I did not open the crack.” oh?
“The cracks in the skin of the universe, don’t you know where they came from?”
“The universe is cracked. The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall.” I have a feeling that’s the season, right there.
“I’m never saying that again.” Oh good.
She’s gonna become Amy? Oh crap.
Oh no. It’s Amelia.
“Silence will fall.” Again with that. Oh crap.
What happens to Amy?
“The sun is back to normal, right?” How do you know in England?
“I’m saving the world, I need a decent shirt.” Excellent plan.
I notice Amy doesn’t turn round.
WHOA! Those were some old villains.
I just watched that bit again. It was awesome.
OK he’s kind of a badass. He made the Atraxi flee while wearing a bow tie. I think that counts.
Not sure what I think about Amy just yet.
That dumb normal looking key still bothers me. (:
“Oh you sexy thing.” Hee!
“Bowties are cool.” “Are you from another planet?” “Yeah.”
“I grew up.” “Don’t worry, I’ll soon fix that.” Take me! I’ll sign up! Stop buggering off to England and come to the US!
OMG the new TARDIS is beautiful. Weird and wonderful.
“You’re the Scottish girl in the English village, and I know how that feels.” So do I.
What’s tomorrow morning?
Nice new screwdriver! Oh I love the typewriter…
That screen is showing the crack. That’s probably bad.
“I am definitely a madman with a box.”
Oh look, a big white dress. Tomorrow morning, huh?

So far I have some ambivalence about Amy, but I like this Doctor some. I’m still suspicious of his bacon aversion, but he is overcoming it. On to the next one!

Now a coming soon clip for the series:
Hey, River Song!
Pew pew!
Van Gogh? Rory?
River out the airlock?

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