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What I’m doing with 2011

I have decided. Lots of people have the “oh THIS year will be the year I…” resolutions, the one that just keeps coming back over and over. This year I am changing that for myself. I gave it some thought and for 2011 I’m doing something different. This is The Year I Will Make It […]

It’s public record anyway…

…so here’s the letter I wrote to all the members of Portland’s City Council who voted unanimously to rename SE 39th Ave to Cesar Chavez Blvd. Commissioners: I am disappointed you did not take the wishes of the residents of 39th Avenue into account when you voted yes. Why not a compromise on a new […]

No more CubeSpace: Now what?

So what do we do, tech community in Portland? With our Beer and our Blogs and our Camps and our Conferences, how do we work this out? First and foremost, in my last post it was mentioned that CubeSpace, a Portland hub of community, will be closing at the end of this week. Since they […]

Sad news indeed:

(See my next post for more on this.) From: CubeSpace Subject: It’s End of CubeSpace as We Know It…. Friends, It is with deep sadness that Eva and I announce that CubeSpace will be closing its doors on Friday, June 12, 2009. During the past two weeks of negotiations, we have very much appreciated the […]

Sam and the Scandal

I have a LOT to say on this subject. I didn’t until I read the whole thing. I don’t feel like commenting over there for a number of reasons so I am posting this brain vomit here: * Why does Amy Ruiz have ANYTHING to do with this? Is WW having a sour grapes moment […]

Here we go again…

So you may remember that at one point I was quoted as saying some unkind things about Southeast 82nd. And no, I still won’t call it the other thing. Well there’s another round of 82nd angst going around right now, because of the No-Hooker-Zone and it being allowed to expire and all this nonsense. Oh […]

Beer And Blog And Corvallis!

As usual, it was all Twitter‘s fault. This morning @justinkistner mentioned that he and @emailstine were going to head south for The First Official Offshoot Chapter Of Beer And Blog. I asked if it would be possible to get a ride there with them, and Justin said of COURSE it would be possible. (See? I […]

This post is totally gay.

Since I know posts fall off Craigslist after awhile, I wanted to preserve this before it was gone forever. Ten Reasons Gays Shouldn’t Marry 10. Homosexuality is not natural, much like eyeglasses, polyester, and birth control. 9. Heterosexual marriage has been around a long time and hasn’t changed at all; women are property, blacks can’t […]

Pigs and Lipstick

Once again, nobody asked ME if it was a good idea. If anyone had bothered to say “Hey there Banana Lee, you come from a place with colorful language. You can still say ‘lipstick on a pig’, right?” Because, you see, if they had, I could have said “Oh, no no no. Don’t do it. […]

In which Verso has a Lunch (2.0) date.

Well! Earlier today I happened to be reading my friend Rick Turoczy’s blog and imagine my surprise when he offered to buy me lunch! Well having had a good experience last time I had lunch with Rick I figured I would be foolish to pass up his offer. So off I went to CubeSpace and […]