I wish to ask various people (to start with locally, but I’m happy to expand) a set of questions and see how they respond. Since we’re working on the Great Portland Interview Experiment already, have you asked or been asked a good question lately? I want to assemble 20 full of insight and awesome (and hopefully bacon) and start sending them round to folks. Comments are open on this page, please add your suggestions and I will update as needed as the list takes shape. Thank you!

Edited to add (from the comments):
* How many languages do you speak?
* What did you do today to make someone smile?
* Have you ever lied to pass a test?
* If you died tomorrow, what would you be best remembered for?
* If the US no longer existed, what country would you most want to call home?
* Who is your hero and why?
* If you could travel through time, when/where would you go and why?

* What is your “Portland Cred”? (born here, lived here forever, did something cool for the city…this might need to be phrased better)
* Have you ever been to the Shanghai Tunnels?
* Ever been in a Rose Festival Parade?
* Stumptown or Starbucks?
* Voodoo or Krispy Kreme?
* Favorite PDX Brewpub?
* Last movie seen at Cinema 21?
* Last movie seen at McMenamins? Which theatre?
* Mostest Favoritest Portland Thing?
* Leastest Favoritest Portland Thing?